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Prevent the formation of blisters on the feet

 The bulb appears under the effect of friction under the foot or more particularly to the heel. A hike or a run can very quickly cause the formation of blisters, especially if you have new shoes. To prevent the formation of blisters, EPITACT® SPORT has developed an anti-blister gel that avoids any risk of friction: the technology EPITHELIUMTACT 01. This anti-blister gel, thanks to its immediate effect on the pain, allows the athletes to continue their race while maintaining their performance. Running can also be the cause of blue nail formation. By absorbing micro-shocks, the EPITHELIUMTACT 02 protections prevent the appearance of blue nails, but also blisters. They effectively relieve pain when the blue nail is already formed. Finally, if it is not the toes, or the feet that will suffer but rather the knees, do not hesitate to wear in running the kneepad window EPITACT SPORT Patellar. This comfortable knee pad, thin and light will relieve you on your races but also in training.

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