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EPITACT® SPORT selection


For some, sport is a way of pushing yourself, freeing yourself, while for others, it is simply a part of their healthy lifestyle, in the same way as their food. Regardless of the intensity with which you play sport, it contributes to your balance...

Unfortunately, once you suffer a knee injury, or foot pain... this balance is shattered.

Our R&D team has focused on developing a range of orthopedic and protection products which have been optimally adapted to sporting needs at the amateur or professional level, by examining their requirements and desires. How to combine comfort and performance? This was the speci cation that we started with. The materials, their processing, and their sponsorship – everything was taken into consideration to achieve products which are comfortable, exible, effective and durable.

Worn by top athletes, our products incorporate patented technologies, innovative designs, and they have been designed for everyone, and every situation.

Discover our range... Wear it... and continue to enjoy your sport to the fullest!

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