Best Recovery practises after a sports session

After an intense physical effort, the body starts its recovery process, which is important to fully complete before resume to training. This recovery time is necessary to avoid injuries, muscular pains and cumulative fatigue.

So here are some good practices to optimize this process:                                            

  • Drink water

It is essential to be well hydrated during the effort but especially afterwards in order to replenish the stock of minerals and to eliminate waste and toxins from the muscles..

  • Sleeping well

Sleep is the time when the whole body regenerates, including the muscles. It is proven that athletes who sleep 8 hours or more per night perform better than those who lack sleep..

  • Compression garments

In order to promote a better venous return, compression garments are ideal, especially for the legs. Visit our article about it and learn more about products during physical activity. BV Sport's PRO RECUP ELITE EVO socks are exclusively dedicated to boost muscles recovery. They help to effectively eliminate toxins and lactic acid stocked in the lower body and especially into the calves, to eliminate the heavy legs effect and avoid intense muscle soreness.

  • Cold

Cold significantly reduces the pain feeling, it also stimulates blood circulation to flush toxins..

  • Massages

Self-massage reduces muscular fatigue and limits the risk of aches and pains. It can be done manually with oil or cream, or with accessories such as massage stick or massage ball. .

  • Electro stimulation

About muscle recovery, electrostimulation as the one offered by the Bluetens DUO SPORT is a must. The use of electrical impulses of different frequencies and intensities, grouped in specific programs, is the fundamental principle of electrostimulation, whose applications have 3 main objectives: soothe pain, relax a muscle group or strengthen it..