Bluetooth connection and bone conduction are two features that make the latest addition to the world of wearable technology unique. All with an impeccable design made in Italy.

A beautiful mask. But something more. This is an innovation in the world of wearable technology which aims to combine the qualities of a top-of-the-range high-performance object with the best of Bluetooth Conference technology.

Her name is IceBRKR and was born from the passion of two Italian brothers for motorcycling and skiing and the pleasure of sharing their experiences. How to reconcile the world of two wheels with that of alpine skiing? According to IceBRKR by applying the interconnect technology developed for motorcycle helmets to snow goggles by integrating it with modern bone conduction systems . In this sense, the Bluetooth functions tested over the years for motorcyclists have been perfected and made even more micro and safe in the research and development center in Milan, to adapt them to the structure of the IceBRKR glasses.


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6 items